The Foolish Waftures

This is the corporate identity of a musical group created with a specific harmony so that way all the elements have a concordance and the same aesthetics. Original, striking and with a clear wink to the 60’s without neglecting a modern and actual style.

Time To Imagine

Imagine yourself in a concert with all the adrenaline from what you are going to experience, holding this ticket, wearing this t-shirt or those cool bracelets with the name of your favorite group. Or without going so far, days before the concert, listening to the pice of art, inside and outside, the album of The Foolish Waftures. Walking in the city and seeing a big billboard telling you that the day is coming.
These designs will create the perfect focus and curiosity, not just for followers of the group but for the people who doesn’t know who they are yet.

La Bardal

This project is for a contest. Branding for the eco-social laboratory brand La Bardal in Cantabria. Here is a selection of mockups, t-shirts, stamps, cups, notebook, tote bag and a thermo engraving on a wood box for food.

Business Cards

Here is a selection of six different business cards all of them using photography techniques such as closeup, lightening contrast, textures and others.

The Smell Of Oil

This is a corporate identity for a brand of fragrant body oils called The Smell of Oil or shortly as the logo show us “Oil”. This project was created using photography techniques combining lightning with closeup and other different tools.